Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Follow your passion in everyday life

I, like many others, has found myself asking "how is it possible to raise a family, and live your dreams?". Reality says that it's too tough to take any risks, because you have mouths to feed. Real life tells you it's selfish to pursue your passions in the face of parenthood. How do you turn your passions into purpose when there's bills to pay? Looking for some easy ways to bring passion to your everyday?

There's a wonderful website I recently discovered www.zenhabits.net. There you will find great articles on everything from living more simply, to the power of breathing. I love this site! Check it out. In particular I came across an article titled "Simple Daily Habits To Ignite Your Passion." There are some awesome ideas that all of us can do. Even everyday child rearing, mouth feeding, bill paying folks like you and I.

Have a Passionate day!

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